Wilder Family History

Wilder family records show that they settled on the rocky coast of New England as early as 1630 from Europe. They came not for religious reasons but for more and better farm land.

Abel and Hannah were married in 1808. They had ten children: Royal, Thomas, James, Hannah, Royal, Polly, Phoebe, William, Sara, Joshua. The 3rd child being James, father of Almanzo. Abel died in 1849 and Hannah died in 1842.

James was born January 26, 1813 near Milton, Vermont. James married Angeline Albina Day on August 6, 1843. They had six children. James died in February of 1899 at the age of 85. Angeline died in 1905 at the age of 78.

Laura Ann was born on June 15, 1844 at Malone, NY. Laura Ann married Harrison Lomanzo Howard in December of 1874. They had four children. Laura died at the age of 55 in 1899.

Royal Gould was born February 20, 1847 in Malone NY. Royal left De Smet and returned to Spring Valley Minnesota where he opened a “Variety Goods Store”. Royal married a widow, Mrs. Electra Hutchinson on March 16, 1893. They had one child. Royal died April 1925 at the age of 78.  Eliza Jane was born January, 1, 1850 in Malone, NY.

Eliza Jane married Thomas Judson Thayer in 1893. After he died she remarried July 1, 1904 to Max Gordon. There was a legal separation between them. She had one child. Eliza Jane died at the age of 80 on June 1, 1930.

Alice was born on September 3, 1853 in Malone, NY. Alice married Albert Baldwin on September 29, 1879. They had two children. Alice died in 1892. Almanzo James was born February 13, 1857 in Malone, NY.

Almanzo James married Laura Ingalls August 25, 1885. They had one surviving child. They moved from De Smet to Minnesota to Florida then back to De Smet then to their final home in Mansfield, MO. Almanzo died October 23, 1949.

Perley Day was born June 13, 1869 in Malone, NY. Perley married Elise Lillian Merritt December 27, 1897.They had two children. Perley died in 1934.

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Wilder Family History